The Magnetic Leader

Coming Fall 2020!!!

From the back cover…


Watch the news on any given day and you will see numerous global crises with various causes. Nations are at odds with one another. Politicians continue to attack each other. Corruption is rampant in the public and private sectors. Leaders are burning out. People are becoming increasingly weary and skeptical of those in charge. Employee engagement levels remain unnecessarily low.

There is a solution. There is a better way to lead.      In The Magnetic Leader, you will discover 18 essential actions you can practice daily to transform your leadership and multiply your impact. Implement these actions and people will be drawn to your team. Your influence will grow.

Leaders who connect to these 18 essential actions bring transformation to their families, teams, organizations, communities, nations, and the world. They become models worth following. They help others become better. They attract quality people they desire into their mission or cause, and keep them engaged. In a word, they become magnetic!

The Magnetic Leader is not a book of theory. Rather, it is a book of character qualities and leadership actions which you will want to embrace and adopt immediately. Author Chris McClure has intentionally invested in his leadership skills for more than 25 years. Now he is passing along lessons he’s learned so you can join him in being part of the solution to our world’s greatest leadership problems.


In The Magnetic Leader, author and executive leadership coach Chris McClure teaches 18 essential actions that will transform your leadership to attract the right kind of people you desire to your team and keep them engaged while repelling others who don’t appreciate the values-based leadership you want to exhibit.

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“The world desperately needs more high quality leaders. You can become one!”
– Chris McClure