3 Strategic Actions to Lead Amidst Uncertainty

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One of the greatest challenges for leaders is guiding their followers through the challenges of unknown situations and circumstances. Many times, the leader hasn’t experienced the situation previously. This means everyone is walking into the fog with some level of fear or trepidation together. However, when leaders boldly advance despite the uncertainty, they gain significant credibility and trust. 

In order to courageously lead your followers into uncertainty, implement the following three strategic actions:

1 – Prepare Continually

While you can’t predict the future, you can look for trends and indicators of what could be coming your way. Invest in your personal growth so you can be the leader people need when challenges arise. Don’t wait for critical moments to prepare; make it a daily habit. The more you grow as a leader each day, the better prepared you’ll be when moments arrive to lead your people into unknown territory. Block out at least 15-30 minutes each day to invest in yourself. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Attend conferences. Watch webinars. Find a mentor. Hire a coach. Whatever it takes, prepare for the challenges that will inevitably come.

2 – Build Trust Daily

Trust takes a long time to build and a moment to lose. If you want to be able to lead your followers through the fog of uncertainty, you need to invest in relationships. While this takes time and diligence, it pays big dividends when you need people to trust you most. People find it easy to follow leaders when things are easy and calm, but they want to know they can depend on their leaders when challenging situations arise. If you will focus on building trust each day, you will be prepared to ask for more from your people when you need it most. They will step up in ways that may surprise you when they trust you to lead them from a place of healthy relationships.

3 – Advance Boldly

Leadership requires courage. Leading through the fog of uncertainty requires even more courage than normal. When you prepare yourself and build trust, you will be able to advance boldly into the unknown knowing that your team has your back and are willing to go the distance with you. Advancing boldly doesn’t mean you are wreckless. Rather, it means you step into the fear and break through what some call the “terror barrier”. This invisible barrier pops up when you can’t predict what’s on the other side of the situation. I’ve also heard it called the “tunnel of chaos” that you enter without knowing what’s on the other side. This is precisely when leaders are needed most. This is where leaders are made or gain greater credibility with their followers. You won’t know all the answers, but you can figure things out with your team if you have prepared yourself and built trust along the way. It’s easier to advance boldly when you know you have a solid team surrounding you. 

Imagine having greater confidence to lead during the toughest of challenges. 

Imagine having a team of people who are excited to tackle the biggest challenges with you because they know you have their best interest in mind. 

Imagine growing in your leadership credibility because you confidently and boldly advance despite the uncertainty. 

This can be your reality when you implement these three strategic actions consistently. 

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Until next time…make today GREAT!