Chris McClure is an experienced, well-studied leadership coach, trainer, and author who is committed to serving clients with the highest level of integrity and quality.

After serving more than 20 years as a full-time pastor, Chris became a certified coach with the The John Maxwell Team and founded Lead Life BIG LLC in order to provide faith-based personal coaching, as well as, to provide executive coaching and leadership training for business leaders and their teams.

His mission is to equip business owners and executives to experience great lives and become great leaders so they can attract, develop, and retain high-quality team members.

It is Chris’ passion and purpose to help leaders succeed. To win in life and business today, it requires a focused effort of developing personally and professionally so you can live and work smarter, not simply harder. It’s about becoming the best person, leader, team, and organization possible in a highly competitive world. It’s about overcoming the constant distractions that expend sideways energy and take you off-course.

Chris guides his clients to compensate for weak areas that are holding them back, as well as, develop their strengths so they can achieve their goals and objectives.

If you would like to learn more about Chris’ faith-based book, coaching, and training services, please visit LeadLifeBIG.com.


Chris’ Core Values:

Faith – Chris is a committed follower of Jesus Christ whose faith is the filter and standard for all he says and does.

Family – Chris is a committed family man who protects his family relationships as the most valuable and sacred next to his relationship with Jesus.

Freedom – Chris believes that God has created each person to experience a full, rich, satisfying, abundant life so they can live out their life purpose.

Honesty – Chris is committed to speaking the truth in love as a key ingredient in honoring God and others.

Integrity – Chris is committed to being a person who is honorable and above reproach while doing what he says he will do.

Responsibility – Chris is committed to making sure he follows through on his commitments and doing his part by using his God-given gifts to serve and help others whenever, wherever, and however.

Generosity – Chris is committed to sharing his time, talents, and resources with those whom he is uniquely created to help.


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If you’re looking for growth or help in making strategic business decisions, Chris McClure is highly recommended and is making a transformational difference. – Wendy Erdman, The Juice Plus Company

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