3 Critical Actions for Building a Culture of Accountability

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Accountability is something most organizations and leaders desire, but few execute well. One key reason is because of a critical fear – “If I hold you accountable, you may just hold me accountable.” Yikes!

However, accountability is vital to the health and success of any team or organization. If this is so important, how can you become better at it?

Consider the following three critical actions that will help you develop a more accountable organizational culture:

1 – Be a Person Others Can Count On

Like all other things in leadership, accountability doesn’t end with you, but it does begin with you. When you become a person others can count on, you set a standard for the rest of your followers. You become a model worth emulating. You have greater credibility when you hold others accountable for their actions and production. Commit to being a leader who consistently does what you say you’ll do.

2 – Help People Count On Each Other

In order to help others count on each other, expectations must be communicated clearly and often. Many frustrations in relationships occur because of unmet expectations. While this will certainly always be a challenge, you can improve accountability between your followers by making sure everyone is aware of who is responsible for the details needing to be accomplished. You also need to monitor and facilitate the health of team relationships. As relationships grow stronger, trust is built. As trust is built, people begin to count on each other more naturally and the speed of success increases.

3 – Cultivate an Accountability Culture

Leadership is a lot like gardening. You need to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, pull the weeds, water the plants, and protect them from intruders. When you take the steps to cultivate an accountability culture, you are taking responsibility for the long-term health and success of your team and organization. As a leader, you must set the standard. You must make sure expectations are clear. You must continually communicate the importance of being accountable and hold one another accountable. You can’t do this on time and let it go. It has to be a continual message because accountability requires intentionality.

Accountability is often the “secret sauce” of highly effective organizations and teams. 

Imagine walking into your team meetings where everyone gives a report on having accomplished their required tasks. 

Imagine a team full of people holding one another accountable to become better every day. 

Imagine outperforming other departments or competitors because each person knows that the others are depending on them to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. 

This doesn’t have to be a dream scenario. It can be your reality when you implement these three critical actions in your leadership. 

Take the time to do some self-reflection and then begin modeling and building a culture of accountability today.

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3 Intentional Steps to Become a More Enthusiastic Leader

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With the hectic pace of life and business these days, many people are feeling worn down and continually exhausted. This can significantly diminish our productivity, as well as, our enthusiasm for anything we want to accomplish personally and professionally.

However, we’ve all run across people who seem to have endless amounts of energy even amidst stress or crises. It can make you wonder if it’s real, and if so, how it’s even possible to live like that.

The good news is that we can become more enthusiastic by making a few intentional adjustments. Consider the following three steps so you can exude enthusiasm:

1 – Spark Your Mind

Living and working with enthusiasm begins as an inside job. It starts internally, not externally. There are too many external factors that can hijack our enthusiasm if we let them. To combat distractions, it is critical to invest in yourself. Reading books, listening to podcasts, meeting with mentors, exercising, or simply taking time off to refresh your body, mind, and spirit can do wonders. Do what works best for you. You have unique interests and ways to grow and restore yourself. Sparking your mind is self-care. It is both mental and emotional. When you invest in your mental health, your emotions follow. Taking care of yourself allows your enthusiasm the opportunity to improve.

2 – Fan Your Flame

You can’t just take action one time and set it aside. Too much is happening around you each day to take care of yourself once and then forget about it. It’s an ongoing, daily process. Just like a campfire continually needs more wood and fuel added to continue burning, so do we as people. Personal growth must become a daily habit. Develop the discipline of pouring into yourself so you have something to give to others. You can’t give what you don’t have. It’s that simple.

3 – Ignite Your Followers

Once you do the work of taking care of yourself and adding personal growth habits to your routine, you will have something to pass along to your followers. Many people have never learned to invest in themselves, therefore, they need their leaders to show them the way forward. When you show up with enthusiasm each day you begin to set the pace for your team members. While your enthusiasm must start with you, it shouldn’t end with you. Think about wildfires. They don’t start out as a blazing inferno. Rather, they start with a small spark that spreads more and more over time. Commit to being an enthusiastic inferno for your team.

Imagine waking up energized each day to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Imagine investing in yourself and experiencing exponential internal and external growth.

Imagine having a team of on-fire, enthusiastic people working hard to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. 

This can all be possible when you spark your mind, fan your flame, and ignite your followers. 

The power is in your hands. Will you take action and responsibility to exude enthusiasm wherever you go? If you will, you’ll become the kind of leader who sets the tone for everyone around you.

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The Value of Adding Love to Your Leadership Formula

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“Love” has been hijacked by all sorts of perverted and limited definitions for a very long time. However, it is much broader than the romanticized, fantasized, and even sexualized versions that we see on television, in movies, and online.

At its core, love is about caring for and seeking the best interest of others. Yes, there are many expressions of love in different types of relationships. In our common English language, we use this one word to mean so many things that it often causes confusion and misunderstandings. However, in other languages, there are a variety of words used to express various meanings of love that make sense in different contexts. 

Without going into a deep word study, I want to implore you to love the people you lead in an “unconditional” way that seeks the best for them. As leaders, we are given the charge to oversee, protect, and care for people, not just demand results from a distant, disconnected position. While you can lead that way (and many have), you won’t bring out their best contributions.

In order to develop a healthy and professional kind of love for the people you lead, consider the following:

1 – Love Supersedes Feelings in the Moment

Let’s face it. People aren’t always easy to love. Whether it’s in your family or workplace, loving people can be a challenge. Everyone is unique. We don’t always understand where people are coming from or why they do what they do. When you love someone unconditionally, you have to let go of how you feel when you’re frustrated or overwhelmed. You need to remember that your followers matter as human beings, even when they make mistakes or don’t act the way you expect or desire. Caring for them has to go above and beyond your feelings in any given moment.

2 – Love Requires Action

Love is a verb. It requires you to do something. It may mean helping someone out when they’re stuck or struggling. It may mean disciplining an employee when they need corrective action to become better. It may mean equipping followers with tools or skills so they can improve their abilities and performance. The bottom line is that you can’t love someone without taking action. As a leader, your job is to guide, direct, equip, and develop your team members so they can grow and be successful. You must take action in order to achieve the results you desire.

3 – Love Demonstrates Commitment

Loving your followers means that you’re committed to their well-being and success. While you sometimes need to remove people from your team when they continually underperform or are a bad chemistry fit, you need to do your part to help them succeed. Commit to their growth. Commit to ensuring they have a positive work experience. Commit to developing a healthy workplace culture. Commit to supporting them through the inevitable ups and downs of their daily responsibilities.  

While loving your followers may seem strange or feel awkward at first, it’s a game-changer when implemented appropriately in your leadership. 

Imagine having a team that is committed to one another and to achieving your stated goals. 

Imagine having followers who become more committed to the vision, mission, and results of your organization because they know they matter. 

Imagine being the kind of leader who attracts top talent because they hear of how well you treat your followers.

This can all be possible when you embrace the power of loving the people you lead in a healthy, professional, unconditional way.

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The Power of and Necessity for Creativity in Leadership

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Most adults believe they’re not very creative or they don’t understand how to express their creativity professionally. Somewhere along the way while growing up, creativity seems to vanish as children become adults. That’s my story. I had a very limited understanding of my personal creativity until I was well into my adult life and wrote my first book, The Way To Greatness. Perhaps that’s your story too. Maybe you still don’t consider yourself to be a creative person because of this misunderstanding.

The problem with not embracing and utilizing your creativity is that you’ll limit your options in decision-making. Leaders need to be creative problem-solvers in our increasingly complex world. Standardized answers and solutions rarely meet the needs of the situations we face. 

In order to express your creativity and become a more effective leader, implement the following three actions:

1 – Understand Your Contribution

First, you must understand the unique contribution that you bring to your team or organization. You are one-of-a-kind. There’s no one else on planet Earth like you. Your thoughts are different from others’. Your perspectives are different. You have unique knowledge, skills, and experiences. These are all extremely valuable when you are problem-solving or brainstorming new ideas. In order to understand your contribution better, begin listing anything you believe makes you different from your peers and followers. This list will lead to greater insights that you can utilize moving forward.

2 – Engage Your Imagination

When you begin to embrace and engage your imagination, it’s like finding gold or striking oil deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Your imagination is extremely powerful and valuable in your leadership. Finding creative solutions and ways to address challenges makes you more valuable. It gives you greater credibility and influence. While our imaginations are often suppressed as we become “responsible adults”, it’s vital that you reconnect your imagination with your decision-making. Change up your normal environment when you feel your imagination is lacking. Take a walk outside, visit an unfamiliar place, read a book that you normally wouldn’t pick up, listen to a podcast, etc. It’s amazing where creative ideas come from!

3 – Design Your Solution

Now that you’re clearer on your unique contribution and are intentionally engaging your imagination, it’s time to design solutions for growth or to address challenges. It’s critical to understand that everything created was first envisioned in the mind of the creator. A house begins in the mind of an architect as they create the blueprints. A car begins with an engineer’s vision. Products are designed first in the mind of the creator, then manufactured for use. Problems are solved first in the mind, then implemented in reality. When you need to find solutions, set aside time to pray, think, and dream. Once you have a clear picture of a product or solution in your mind, you can begin to turn it into reality. This only happens when you express your creativity in unique, tangible ways.

While it may not be normal or comfortable for you, it is possible to express your unique creativity more intentionally. 

Imagine how your team will feel when you bring creative solutions to them. 

Imagine the results of carving out quiet time to pray, think, and dream so you can help your team and organization become more successful. 

Imagine rolling out new creative initiatives or products to address organizational or customer challenges. 

This can be your reality when you choose to intentionally express your creativity. As you do this, you’ll better understand the power of and necessity for creativity in your leadership.

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How Insight Can Become an X-Factor in Your Leadership

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Have you ever ignored the feeling that something was “off” in a particular situation only to regret it later?

Do you ever sense that something isn’t quite right, but you can’t easily define it in the moment?

Many leaders reflect on past situations and wish they would’ve acted on these feelings or thoughts once the truth comes to light and negative results occur. They wish they would’ve “trusted their gut” instead of pushing down their feelings.

If you want to become a more effective leader who heads off inevitable problems, consider the following:

1 – Understand the Importance of “Insight” in Leadership

Insight is the ability to see what’s deep inside a person, relationship, situation, or problem. It’s a combination of wise discernment, examined experience, and revelation that comes from it. Results tend to prove the validity of insight after the fact. Without insight, leaders are dependent on external factors alone. With insight, you can head off problems before they arrive even when others don’t understand how you knew the dangers in advance. The more experiences you have, the more insightful you become. It’s a key part of maturing as a leader.

2 – Trust Your Insight

Once you understand that you have insight based on lessons learned from reflecting on past experiences, it’s time to trust your internal warning system. You’ll need to become courageous to trust what you “feel” rather than what you “know” or what is visible to everyone else around you. When others around you don’t sense what you do, it can be challenging to convince them otherwise. However, don’t back down when you believe something is off. Leadership requires bold decisions, even when things don’t make sense in the moment.

3 – Act Accordingly

As you trust your insight, sometimes you’ll need to delay decisions in order to do more research. When you don’t have the luxury of more time, you must step out in faith and make the call while hoping you’re proven right after the results play out. Trusting your insight isn’t for the faint of heart. Expect pushback or criticism. Stay the course while you wait for the results to verify your insights. The more experiences you have, the more confident you’ll become. The key is to keep acting on your insights until it becomes as normal as breathing. 

Becoming an insightful leader is extremely valuable in our ever-changing world. Things move so fast that you’ll often find yourself having to make quick decisions with limited information. Everyone would love to have all the data needed to proceed with confidence, but it’s just not realistic. We must make quick, insightful decisions which require boldness and courage. 

Imagine becoming the kind of leader people believe in because, even if they don’t understand why you make certain decisions, they know that you aren’t just “winging it”.

Imagine allowing yourself to tap into your years of experience and training to inform your important decisions in any given situation. 

Imagine being the kind of leader people trust because, even though they can’t define it, they know you will make wise decisions in the most critical moments.

This can be your reality when you begin to understand the importance of insight better, trust it in critical moments, and then take appropriate action to lead your team to greater levels of success. 

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Three Critical Steps for Becoming a Leader Who Multiplies Leaders

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Many people want to become better leaders, but make a fatal mistake along the way. They stop prioritizing continual learning and begin to believe they know enough to get by in their roles.

Years ago, I had key mentors instill in me the concepts that “leaders are learners” and “leaders are readers”. At the time they told me this, I didn’t like it because I hated reading as a kid! However, when I found my passion for leadership development and personal growth, I embraced this wise advice and have never looked back. I’ve read hundreds of books, attended numerous conferences, listened to countless podcast episodes, and have invested much time and money into courses and coaching programs. 

Remaining teachable is a key characteristic of the world’s best leaders and performers, regardless of how successful they become. 

So, the question is this – are you committed to continually learning and growing to become better personally and professionally?

Consider the following 3-step process for remaining teachable:

1 – Learn

First, you must commit to learning. Hone your skills. Pursue mastery of your craft. The best athletes in the world like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, LeBron James, and countless others throughout the ages consistently hired coaches to help them become the best in their sport. Leaders can and should do the same. Read books. Go to conferences. Take courses. Hire a coach. Continual learning is crucial for sustainable success.

2 – Model

Next, commit to being a model for your followers. When you realize that others are watching, it challenges you to improve your skills and performance. It increases accountability. People don’t need “perfect” examples that are difficult to relate to. They need “living” examples who can help them become better by showing them what to do. Take action on the information you learn in front of your followers so you can show them the way forward.

3 – Equip

Finally, pass along what you learn to your followers. Don’t hoard your knowledge. Distribute it among those you’re entrusted to lead. Equipping followers for success is a foundational responsibility of leadership. While it requires an upfront investment of time and energy, it pays extremely high dividends down the road. 

Imagine having the confidence to take your team and organization to the next level. 

Imagine having a team of well-equipped leaders who can multiply their own skills and abilities in those they are influencing.

Imagine having a reduced work load and lower stress level because you have a team of equipped followers who can help carry the weight of your projects and responsibilities.

This is all possible when you remain teachable by implementing this three-step process of learning, modeling, and equipping.

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3 Key Actions for Leading With Excellence

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Many leaders chase perfection while overlooking excellence. Excellence and perfection are not the same things. Be careful not to confuse the two.

Perfection is rarely achieved while excellence can be sought after daily. At its core, excellence can be defined as “doing the best you can with what you have”.

If you want to become the kind of leader people love to follow, consider these three key actions for leading with excellence each day:

1 – Reject perfectionism.

As stated above, perfection and excellence aren’t the same things. One characteristic of those who fall prey to perfectionism is “analysis paralysis”. They struggle to make decisions and take action because they’re afraid they don’t have the perfect answer or solution. If you want to achieve excellence, you must avoid the trap of perfectionism and take productive action.

2 – Demand quality.

While you don’t want to fall into the trap of “it has to be perfect before I start”, you do want to demand quality of yourself and your followers. The word “demand” may sound strong (and it is), but that doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk in holding a high standard. Quality often sells itself. No one wants to buy junk that doesn’t last. No one wants to receive poor service. Quality requires attention to detail and giving your best effort. When you operate this way consistently, you produce excellence.

3 – Pursue improvement.

Nothing is perfect. Everything can be improved upon. Author and speaker John C. Maxwell often shares the concept of getting 1 percent better every day. Think about it. It seems that “New and improved!” has been a strategic marketing tactic forever. Why? Because everything can be improved! The best you do today can be improved upon tomorrow. That doesn’t make today’s best bad or wrong. It just creates a new foundation to build upon for future success. Excellent leaders pursue improvement consistently.

I hope this reframes your mindset toward “excellence” for yourself and your team. Too many leaders fall into the trap of perfectionism and hold themselves back from greater levels of success. Don’t let that be you.

Imagine being the kind of leader others automatically think of when the word “excellence” is mentioned. 

Imagine leading a team that is committed to becoming at least 1 percent better every day. 

Imagine building a team or organization that is recognized as excellent in your industry. 

This can become your reality when you implement these three key actions daily.

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3 Key Actions of Noble Leaders

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While many leaders can and have been successful throughout the centuries without demonstrating quality character, doing so can be a game-changer for your leadership impact. 

Even though we don’t use the word “noble” much these days in our society, demonstrating nobility has the power to revolutionize your leadership credibility. 

If you’re like me, the word “nobility” takes you back to history class where you learned about the dignitaries of the medieval era. Kings, queens, Sir Lancelot, and the “Knights of the Round Table” come to mind. However, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Nobility is an esteemed character quality. Dictionary.com defines the word “noble” as “of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence”. Unfortunately, this isn’t a definition that defines many of our well-known leaders in the world today.

With that being said, how can YOU demonstrate nobility as you lead your followers? Implement the following 3 key actions and watch your leadership soar:

1 – Aspire to greatness.

While this may at first seem antithetical to being a leader who treats others “nobly”, your personal effort and focus do matter. If you don’t set your sights high on what you want to accomplish personally and professionally, you may not get the opportunity to lead others. People want to follow those who aspire to be better every day.

2 – Excel in character.

While producing results is critical for successful leadership, how you live and treat others truly matters. A productive person with poor character will not attract the kind of followers that they want or need to accomplish bigger goals. When you guard your character so that you are trustworthy and honorable, people will be more attracted to your team, mission, or cause.

3 – Do what’s right. 

Right thinking must be followed by the right actions. If you only say noble things but don’t act nobly, you’ll be labeled a hypocrite. Hypocrites won’t attract or retain high-quality team members once they’re found out.

These three actions begin in your heart and mind, then are manifested outwardly. 

Imagine being the kind of leader who others quickly assess as the kind of person they want to follow. 

Imagine waking up and working each day with peace of mind because you know you’re focused on being a high-quality person even as you’re motivated to produce results. 

Imagine earning the respect of your followers and colleagues because they trust your character as someone who is authentically excellent in all you say and do.

This can be your reality when you implement these three actions consistently.  

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3 Questions to Help You Become a More Generous Leader

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Many people desire to be generous but rarely do it intentionally. They simply overlook where they can give or are unsure of how to go about it.

Leaders who are generous quickly win over the hearts and minds of their followers because generosity communicates value to people and causes that matter. And generosity can be contagious, which can make a greater impact in the world.

Consider the following three questions to either begin being or upgrade your generosity:

1 – What do I have?

Many people hesitate to be more generous because they don’t think they have much to give. While generosity can certainly include giving money, it can be so much more. You may not have a lot of cash to give, but what about your time, talents, or unused possessions that others could utilize?

2 – What is the need?

Another reason generosity is stifled is that we don’t do enough research to understand what the true needs of others are. Rather than assuming what is needed, ask questions. Seek to understand if a person or organization needs money, material goods, training, etc.

3 – How can I help?

Once you understand what you have and what the need is, then it’s time to determine how you can best help. I know many people who don’t have much expendable income to give but are extremely generous with their time. My family has had the privilege of giving material possessions away that we don’t use or need anymore. Others around us have been able to use these items immediately.

Generosity is a character quality that will set you apart as a leader. Whether you’re being generous inside or outside of your organization, generosity expresses value to those around you. And when you lead your followers to be generous alongside you, it multiplies your impact. 

Imagine being known for your generosity and having others who want to match it for greater impact. 

Imagine having a team of followers overflowing with generosity toward one another and those around them with needs that can be met with intention.

Imagine the influence you and your team can gain by serving others whose needs you can meet with the resources you have to offer. 

This can be your reality when you consistently ask these three simple questions and then take action.

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3 Steps to Anticipate Opportunities and Multiply Your Credibility

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Opportunities abound, but many leaders miss them due to burying their heads in their workload. When this happens, they miss out on a key way to multiply their credibility with their followers. 

If you want to become a leader people love to follow, it’s critical to lift your eyes up consistently in order to see what’s happening around you and how you can lead your team to victory after victory.

If you want to anticipate opportunities better and multiply your credibility, implement the following three steps:

1 – Open your eyes.

You can’t discover opportunities if your eyes are closed or looking down on your current tasks at hand. Yes, those things must get done, but take the time to look up consistently to see opportunities you may be missing.

2 – Scan your environment.

Once you’re looking up, take a 360-degree view of your surroundings. Look for details others are missing. Look for new angles to market your product or service. Consider fresh ideas that others may be overlooking. 

3 – Include your team.

Anticipating opportunities doesn’t have to be a solo act. Ask your team members to open their eyes and scan their surroundings as well. The more eyes (and ears) looking outward can multiply the success of your team or organization.

Finding new opportunities and taking action will multiply your credibility because your followers will realize you’re not fixated on keeping the status quo. Leaders must confidently move forward consistently in our ever-changing world. New opportunities abound, but many miss them. Think of how many things are created that others say, “Hey, I had that idea first!” but they missed their window of opportunity by not taking action. 

Imagine being the kind of leader people respect because you’re always seeking fresh ways to market or create products and services to advance your mission or grow your business. 

Imagine having a team full of “anticipators” who keep their eyes up and scanning around so your team can have multiplied success.

Imagine having a competitive edge to help your ideal clients and customers before others even consider what’s possible.

This can all be your reality when you implement these three steps.

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