Pursuing Your Dream Requires Letting Go of Something

Have you ever felt the tension of having a dream, but feeling the pressure of living in your current reality?

It’s human nature to want security and stability in the notorious “comfort zone”. The problem with staying in your comfort zone is that you often have this nagging feeling that there’s something more out there for you to be, do, or have. I believe that we are all wired to keep progressing in life. This presents a problem.

In order to move towards your dream, you have to let go of things along the way. Sometimes it’s the security of a “stable” job. Sometimes it’s moving to a new city. Sometimes it’s letting go of a relationship that is holding you back. Regardless of what it is, you have to let go.

Think of holding on to two boats that are drifting apart. One boat is your current reality; the other is your dream. At first, you can hold onto both and manage, but as they drift farther away from each other, you are stretched to the point where you have to make the decision to let go of one of the boats. Are you going to let go of your comfort zone or are you going to let go of your dream? That’s the question. It’s not an easy decision.

Today, spend some time counting the cost of staying where you are versus pursuing your dream. What price are you willing to pay? I want to challenge you to dream and think BIG – Be Intentionally Great. That means that you let go of the good to experience the great possibilities before you. Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity out of fear of the unknown.  Break through the “terror barrier” that is holding you back.

What is your decision? (And by the way…making no decision is a decision to stay where you are.) Will you be okay with that decision 10 years from now?