“Chris is very skilled in leadership and personal development. He is able to quickly gain an understanding of growth opportunities, provide constructive feedback and coaching through transition and implementation. Chris has been great for our team as a whole and each of us individually. Highly recommend engaging him if you want to strengthen your bench”. – April Sterling, Emerge ITS



You’re here right now because you’re an ambitious leader eager to continue to learn and grow. You’re ready to invest in yourself so you can be more valuable to your team and super-charge your results. You’ve achieved quite a bit of success already, but you are hungry for more. Maybe your business has begun to run your life rather than your life determining how you run your business. Maybe you’re a visionary leader and need help focusing and prioritizing what matters most and what steps to take next.



Hi, I’m Chris McClure. I’m an experienced leader who spent more than 20 years leading hundreds of individuals as a youth and Executive Pastor. In July 2015 I launched Lead Life BIG LLC to offer leadership coaching and training based on over two decades of personal leadership development and experiences. My background is primarily leading volunteer organizations. If you’re familiar with such environments, you understand that leading volunteers without a paycheck dangling over their heads is a whole other level of leadership. Through the years I have learned how to inspire and equip children, teenagers, and adults to become transformational leaders. My coaching clients range from small business owners to nonprofit leaders to corporate executives. Each has unique challenges and opportunities presented to them daily.


My philosophy on leadership development is pretty simple…

Continually invest in yourself to become the best leader possible, model your growth for others, and train them to do the same. Every person has the potential to be a transformational leader. It’s a matter of being intentional and making personal development a priority.


Why leaders hire me…

  • I help them see blind spots that they need to work on
  • I am a compassionate, curious listener who truly hears them and draws the best out of them
  • I have invested more than 25 years of my life in my own leadership development
  • I have a wide variety of leadership experiences that allows me to help them navigate their own leadership challenges
  • I help them quickly resolve issues that they have been frustrated with for far too long
  • I am able to cut through the confusion and lead them to clarity so they can make wise decisions
  • I give them a safe place to discuss their hopes, dreams, and fears for their lives and businesses


Who this is for…

Private 1:1 coaching is reserved on a limited basis. Just like you, I have limited time to give my best to my clients. Because of this, I also offer mastermind groups for high-performing small business owners and senior-level leaders.


That being said, we might be a perfect match if…

  • You’re looking to take your leadership to the next level so you can develop your team and see greater results in your business
  • You’re looking to develop a healthy work/life rhythm so you can truly enjoy life while operating a successful business
  • You want to tap into my leadership knowledge and experience to help you resolve problems faster
  • You want to have a thinking partner to help you navigate challenges and opportunities with greater wisdom
  • You want to have clarity on what next steps you need to take to maximize your time, talent, and resources


Your Next Steps

If you’re a committed business owner or executive ready to go to the next level and optimize your business + life let’s chat. Fill out the form below, then we will schedule a private call, and we’ll have a powerful conversation to determine which program makes the most sense for you.

Can’t wait!

– Chris


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“Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.”

– John C. Maxwell

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