4 Steps for Becoming a Transformational Leader (Part 1)

By August 2, 2021 August 3rd, 2021 No Comments

It doesn’t take long when you look around to see that our world is desperately in need of better, higher-quality leaders to step up and make a difference right where they are – in their families, communities, and businesses. The problem is that many people are unsure of how to become this kind of leader who can transform their environment or circumstances. 

In this blog series, let’s take a look at 4 key steps to make it happen most effectively.

Step #1 – CHOOSE

Anything worthwhile begins by making a choice. When you choose, you determine in your mind that something needs to change for the better. This doesn’t mean things are necessarily bad, but everything can be enhanced…including your leadership.

Look around at your environment and circumstances and reflect on the following questions:

  • What is broken that needs to be fixed?
  • What is “good” but could be made or done “better”?
  • Who could you help to develop so they can contribute more or better to the team?
  • Who is consistently underperforming and may need to leave your team?

By taking the time to reflect on questions like these, you’ll begin to see things with fresh eyes. Once you see things more clearly, then you will need to make a choice about what to do about the issue(s). 

A choice is a powerful tool in the hands of a leader. It’s also a great responsibility. Before you can effectively act you must thoughtfully consider what needs to be done in order to transform your team, organization, family, or community into an improved version. 

Imagine the impact of blocking 15-30 minutes per week to think about how to improve your team, organization, family, or community. 

Imagine how taking the time to slow down, strategize, and simply breathe deeply could calm your mind and influence your decisions.

Imagine becoming a better leader because you’re using more of your brain to strategically respond and be proactive rather than reacting to the inevitable fires that come your way.

Choice offers great power, opportunity, and responsibility to leaders. Choose to intentionally think about your leadership opportunities and how you can take the next step toward transforming what’s under your control.

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