4 Steps for Becoming a Transformational Leader (Wrap-Up)

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Over the past four articles, I’ve shared a powerful 4-step cycle that can transform your life and leadership when implemented consistently. Click on each word below to link back to their corresponding articles. 


These four simple words can be game-changing for you. The challenge is overcoming distractions and implementing the process consistently. This is where many people trip up. 

Over the course of my 25+ years of leadership development, I’ve come to highly value the necessity for consistency. 

People need leaders to be consistent in how they think, act, and interact with their followers. 

The quality of a leader’s life is determined by the choices they make, the actions they take, and who they become in the process. If you want to become better, you must make better choices and intentionally act upon them. 

Allow yourself to grow through the process. 

Take notes on the lessons you learn from both good and bad experiences. 

Teach this 4-step process to those you lead so they become better in their respective roles. 

Plaster this process in visible places to create a growth culture in your organization. 

Teach this 4-step process to your kids so they will be able to achieve amazing results earlier in life than you could ever imagine.

Make the choice to be like the person who gave me Becoming a Person of Influence when I was only 20 years old which set me on a leadership development journey I never knew was possible. 

Becoming a better leader isn’t just for your benefit, but it does start with you. 

Leadership ultimately is about others. Leaders take people to places they never thought were possible or even knew existed. Leaders have the power to change the world one person and one organization at a time. 

Imagine being the kind of leader people love to follow so much that they wake up energized each day to tackle the next challenge with you. 

Imagine being the kind of leader people look to in times of crisis and opportunity.

Imagine being the kind of leader people speak highly of and miss when you or they leave the team or organization. 

Imagine the words you would want your followers to share about you in a eulogy at the end of your life. 

Now, take those ideas and think about what skills and abilities you’ll need to develop to make this your reality. 

CHOOSE to become that kind of leader.

ACT on this choice to develop yourself. 

Be willing to go through the challenges of transformation in order to BECOME this leader. 

Then, as you reach new levels of growth, REPEAT the process. 

This is how you will become a transformational leader who has the ability to impact your followers, team, organization, community, family, and even the world at large. 

I believe YOU can become this kind of leader! 

If you believe you can as well, let’s go on this journey together and make a true difference to transform our world for the better.

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