The GREAT Life

Coaching Framework

To succeed and advance in life and work today, leaders must step up their game. What got you “here” won’t get you “there”. Too much changes too quickly to be stagnant. Technology has created a unique challenge in our generation. We are often highly distracted or frustrated because we can’t keep up. 

There is a better way to live and lead…

  • Commit to ongoing personal growth
  • Become the best leader possible
  • Model growth for others
  • Help your followers continually grow

Every person has the potential to be a transformational leader. It’s a matter of being intentional and making personal development a priority.

Together, we’ll strategically work through the following processes…

Build Your God-Core

  1. Determine Your Starting Point
  2. Define Your Desired Destination
  3. Identify Your Perceived Barriers
  4. Create Your Initial Plan
  5. Develop Your Daily Disciplines

Protect Your Relationships

  1. Assess Your Relationships
  2. Discover Your Blind Spots
  3. Heal Your Hurts
  4. Deepen Your Commitments
  5. Balance Your Investments

Renew Your Mind

  1. Understand Your Current Mindset
  2. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs
  3. Detroy Your Progress Hackers
  4. Install Your Freeing Beliefs
  5. Live Your Newfound Clarity

Manage Your Resources

  1. Assess Your Assets
  2. Appraise Your Debts
  3. Attack Your Debt
  4. Expand Your Resources
  5. Embrace Your Freedom

Maximize Your Time

  1. Evaluate Your Schedule
  2. Clarify Your Priorities
  3. Create Your Plan
  4. Command Your Plan
  5. Enrich Your Life

Elevate Your Leadership

  1. Developing the Leader Within You
  2. Developing the Leaders Around You
  3. Leadership Gold
  4. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
  5. The Magnetic Leader

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