Client Testimonials

“Chris has worked with members of our leadership team to become the best versions of ourselves at work and in life. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Chris to assist you or your team with your leadership journey.” – Jessica Jones, President & CEO, Universal 1 Credit Union

“Chris McClure has been a valuable partner to our leadership team at Emerge. Chris provides both deep knowledge and applied experience in his leadership training program. He ensures that he has a good understanding of our company purpose and core values, and incorporates this into his delivery and execution. At Emerge, we pride ourselves on being growth-oriented. Chris has been able to align with this value specifically, and because of his focus and compassion to help us achieve more, our leaders have realized great benefits and grown both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Chris McClure for leadership training and coaching.”  – Jesse Kegley, Managing Partner, Emerge ITS

“Chris has a unique blend of being able to connect with people to discern where the areas of growth are needed as well as the ability to step back from the emotional side and look at the structure from an organization development perspective. One of the best offerings I believe he can give to an executive leader is removing time-eating issues from their plate so they can focus on the activities that cannot be duplicated; the strengths that create a new heightened level of leadership. If you are in a senior position leading a team, Chris is the one to bring in immediately to streamline and create better results.”  – Tricia Andreassen, Owner & Founder, Go Find Your Happy Creations

“Chris and I spoke openly about my company, the struggles that we faced as a business, and the situations that I come across as a small business owner. In the time Chris spent with me, we were able to focus on the true importance of my plans and also helped me to refocus my attitude into more positive energy for not only my business life but also my personal life.” – Ben Horvath, President, The Trailer Doctors

“Chris is very skilled at leadership and personal development. He is able to quickly gain an understanding of growth opportunities, provide constructive feedback and coaching through transition and implementation.” – April Sterling, Sales Manager, Emerge ITS

“The knowledge Chris has shared with me about leadership and self-development has helped me set and achieve goals. I would highly recommend his services, especially to anyone trying to improve as a leader.”  – Wes Kohler, Finance, Development, & Acquisitions Analyst, PLK Communities

“Chris McClure is an amazing leadership coach. While I was under his leadership, he passionately pursued organizational vision. He has a gift for bringing out the best in those he coaches. He strives to understand each individual’s gifts and talents and then works tirelessly to develop the leadership skills within. He successfully lead many teams over the years to achieve and exceed their goals. Without hesitation, I recommend Chris McClure to any individual, team, or group looking for an outstanding leadership coach.” – Judy Grant, Graduate Studies Program Coordinator, University of Dayton

“My company has been working with Chris McClure for 3+ years now. His leadership coaching and discussions around those practices and philosophies has been profound. The leadership of our company is much more in tune with each other and with the overall company goals. Chris has a way of putting things into perspective that help you realize your own opportunity and strengths. I highly recommend hiring Chris McClure to assist you in growing your current team’s leadership skill set as well as growing your organization’s future leaders.”  – Clif Cooper, Director of Services, Emerge ITS

“Over the last 2+ years, I have had the opportunity to work with Chris. He is a great listener who is able to provide the feedback needed to help someone identify what is important. With his help and guidance, I recognized areas I needed to improve upon so that I could become a better, more enlightened leader. Without hesitation, I recommend Chris McClure as a leadership coach. Chris has helped leaders within our organization to communicate more effectively, improving the way we handle challenging situations, and strengthening our relationships.”  – Karen Shroyer, VP Human Resources, Universal 1 Credit Union

“I knew after my initial meeting with Chris McClure that he was the right fit for me as an executive coach and mentor based on his discernment, wisdom, and integrity.  Chris had a unique ability to help me think more deeply about a project I was working on, uncovering problem areas and providing understanding.  I’m grateful for the growth and confidence I gained which in turn strengthened the belief and passion of many in our business.  If you’re looking for growth or help in making strategic business decisions, Chris McClure is highly recommended and is making a transformational difference.” – Wendy Erdmann, BSN, National Marketing Director, The Juice Plus Company

“As a coach, Chris has helped to stretch my thinking causing me to see things from different perspectives. His questioning challenged me to come up with other options when I seemed to be stuck. He has a very warm and friendly disposition that worked well in causing me to relax and think into what I want to achieve from each session.” – Janice James, Nonprofit Leader & Coach, The John Maxwell Team