Many people aspire to achieve greatness, but too many try to accomplish it on their own.

Consider the following legendary duos that have achieved greatness in their respective fields:

  • Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen – Chicago Bulls 6-time NBA Champions
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founders
  • Bill Gates and Paul Allen  – Microsoft Co-Founders
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google Co-Founders
  • Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers 3-time NBA Champions
  • Simon and Garfunkel – Folk-Rock Duo
  • Bono and the Edge – Legendary Band U2
  • Tiger Woods and Steve Williams – Legendary PGA Golfer/Caddie Combination

The list could go on and on. And all of these “dynamic duos” that made the headlines had many more talented people surrounding them to support their work.

If you want to be GREAT at anything, you can’t do it alone. At some point, you will need the help of others to achieve your goals and dreams.

Strive for personal excellence while realizing that you only have so much talent in and of yourself. You need others around you with complementary gifts and abilities to go farther faster in any pursuit.

Do you have a solo act or partner mindset?

How you think makes all the difference in how high you can climb to reach your goals and dreams.

If you have a solo act mindset, I encourage you to look around and see who supports, encourages, and challenges you. While they may not be your legal or official partners, they are helping you achieve success.

If you have a partner mindset, evaluate what makes each person so valuable in your pursuit of greatness. Then share with them what you notice and thank them for their contribution.

Leaders need others to reach the highest levels of success. Beware thinking you’ve arrived anywhere significant on your own. You haven’t. There’s always at least one person helping you in some way, shape, or form.

Keep this in mind and invite others into the journey with you so you can continue to advance personally and professionally. You can reach your potential. You can achieve greatness. But you’ll need the help of others along the way.

Until next time, make today GREAT!

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