4 Steps for Staying the Course When Success Seems Slow

By September 21, 2022 No Comments

Leaders are hardwired to win and often become very impatient when the wins don’t happen quickly. 

It’s easy to forget that big wins don’t happen overnight. They are made up of many small wins along the way.

In order to make significant progress and experience the grand results we desire, we need to maintain a proper perspective.

If you are frustrated with not accomplishing your ultimate vision quickly enough, take the following 4 steps:

1 – Review What You’ve Accomplished So Far

When you’re discouraged because things aren’t happening fast enough, it’s easy to feel like you’re failing or falling behind. The reality is that you’ve probably taken many successful steps forward that are required to reach your ultimate goal. When you feel down in the dumps, make a list of all the accomplishments you and your team have experienced so far. You might just be surprised how much you’ve achieved already.

2 – Celebrate Small Wins Along the Way

Now that you have your list of small wins created, schedule time to celebrate with your team. If they are personal wins, celebrate with your friends and family. But whatever you do, don’t gloss over them as if they don’t matter. While they may not be the ultimate achievement you desire, they are critical stepping stones in your journey. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come with accomplishment.

3 – Remember the Importance of Compounding Interest 

Most people expect to jump from the starting line to the final destination in one giant leap. However, that’s not how success works. Each action you take compounds and multiplies. One small step may not feel like much at the moment, but it could be a key breakthrough toward achieving your ultimate goal. Keep taking action and trust that each one will build on the momentum of the previous steps.

4 – Knock Down the Next Domino

One key item could impact many others. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is one thing I can do today that will impact many others? 
  • What one action will trigger multiple reactions that will expedite my success? 

Invest the time to think strategically so you can make individual decisions that will eliminate many other decisions. Consider one thing you can do that will contribute the most toward your ultimate goal. These are all individual “dominos” that have the potential to knock down dozens or hundreds of others and fast-track your success. Don’t worry about every domino. Instead, focus on the significant ones that can make a big difference.

The success journey is often full of frustrations and discouragement. However, think about championship sports teams. It’s rare that a team will go through an entire season without challenges or setbacks. The great teams push through and stay the course knowing that perseverance will help them reach their ultimate goal. In fact, it’s often the challenges they face that lead to their greatest accomplishments. When they overcome each obstacle, it empowers them to tackle the next challenges that arise. This strengthens them to accomplish the goal of winning a championship that they only dreamed about at the beginning of the season. 

As a leader, model these four steps to your followers. They need to see you navigate the ups and downs of the journey toward achieving big goals. Help them focus on the small wins and celebrate with them along the way. Encourage them about what they’ve accomplished so far in order to progress toward the ultimate destination.

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