7 Steps to Help You Reset After Disruption Occurs

By September 7, 2022 No Comments

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that disruption can happen anytime anywhere, even everywhere at the same time. We can’t control everything happening in our world on a daily basis. Chaos and unexpected surprises are inevitable. 

With that being said, it’s important for leaders to be willing and able to reset themselves, their teams, and their organizations when things go awry. 

When you find yourself navigating challenging situations and seasons, here are 7 steps to take to get a fresh start from a new beginning point.

1 – Review Your Mission, Vision, and Values

While things change around you regularly, your mission, vision, and values should remain consistent. Too many organizations go through the struggle of crafting important statements, then never reviewing them after the project is completed. When facing challenges, it’s vital to go back and review where you started so you can relaunch from solid ground. Review the documents you have created. Regain perspective of why you exist as a team and organization. Reset your thinking so you can advance confidently into the future.

2 – Embrace Your New Starting Point

As much as we’d like to change the negative things that have happened in our world or marketplace, we can’t. We can, however, control our thoughts and embrace the new starting point that we find ourselves standing on. Don’t long for the “good ol’ days.” Instead, accept today’s starting point for what it is and build from there. See it as a new opportunity to do something great.

3 – Determine Your Desired Destination

To be successful moving forward, you need to lift your eyes up from your current reality and envision where you want to go in the future. Embrace one of Steven Covey’s habits of highly successful people – begin with the end in mind. Don’t act until you know where you want to go. Otherwise, you’ll simply be busy but may not like where you arrive.

4 – Chart a Course to Get “There”

One key role of a leader is to map out the steps required to get from “here” to “there” for your team. After you’ve reviewed where you’ve come from, accepted your new starting point, and determined your end goal, it’s time to chart a course to travel. While plans may change along the way (and they likely will), develop a living document that states what needs to be done in what order and on what timeline.

5 – Clearly Communicate Your Plan

This step is critical to get everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction. After you’ve done the challenging work of developing an action plan, it’s time to gather your team members together and clearly explain what needs to happen, who is responsible for each action step, and what the deadlines are for when things need to be accomplished. The clearer you are, the more effective and efficient your team will be.

6 – Review Your Progress Consistently

As you begin to advance toward your end goal, it’s critical to keep your plan in front of you consistently. What milestones have you achieved? What challenges are you facing? Where are you falling behind or exceeding your expectations? It’s wise to begin each week by looking at your plan to know what needs to be done and end your week by reviewing what has been accomplished. Check things off your list to build confidence and momentum.

7 – Reward Your Team for Progress

Finally, make sure to celebrate along the way. Too many leaders get caught up in the “doing” and overlook rewarding themselves and their teams for making progress. There are always new goals to achieve, but don’t overlook the importance of celebrating the milestones you accomplish along the way. Small celebrations are vital to carry you through to achieving your big overall victories. If you don’t reward progress, it will slow down and damage the morale of your team. Even if you need to assign a celebration coordinator, do it! Make sure your wins and progress aren’t taken for granted.

Leading during a season of uncertainty and disruption is hard. It’s exhausting. Leaders are fatigued from facing daily challenges. However, when you lead strategically by implementing these seven steps, you and your team will experience greater levels of success, which will motivate you to keep moving forward when you face new challenges that arise.

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Until next time…make today GREAT!