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Chris McClure

Move Forward Even When People Exit Your Journey

“Beware the ides of March” (March 15) was a warning given to Julius Caesar by a fortune-teller.

He didn’t heed the warning and lost his life because of it.

He was betrayed by his closest followers, even a close friend.

Sometimes this happens to leaders and is extremely discouraging.

Everyone won’t complete the entire journey with you. Learn to be okay with that and keep moving forward anyway.

3 Reasons Leaders Don’t Invest in Next Generation Talent

Every leader should be investing in their next-generation talent…

But few do it.

Want to know the three main reasons? Here they are…

1 – They don’t know how. The sad reality is that many leaders were not mentored well, so they don’t know where to begin with their followers.

2 – Poor time management. Mentoring and developing leaders isn’t a quick and easy process. It requires being intentional with your time.

3 – Short-sightedness. The urgent matters of each day push out the development of the people who will create future success.

So, remember…

If you’re a leader, the development of the future leaders of your organization is YOUR responsibility.

Choose today to invest in the rising stars who will help you build a better future.